Illuminate 2020

Thank you for joining in!

In November 2020, partners in the Pilgrim Roots region rose to the challenge posed by Coronavirus and made Illuminate commemorations work from home. In previous years, artist-led craft workshops had culminated in spectacular lantern parades in towns and villages across North Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. 
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were not able to gather in person, but people still took part from home. The #OneSmallCandle initiative encouraged participants to craft their own lantern and display it in a window on the 26th November, and share it on social media. Pictures of lanterns were shared across the region and far beyond, inspired by a quote from William Bradford (who grew up in Austerfield and became Governor of Plymouth Colony):
'Thus as one small candle may light a thousand, so the light here kindled hath shone unto many.' 
– William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation
We had an amazing level of response, with participation from far and wide, and lots of wonderful creativity shown in interpreting the lantern templates that had been designed. Below are just a few of the images emailed in or shared with #OneSmallCandle, as well as lots of participation in the Pilgrim Roots region and from our partners in Plymouth and Chorley, we also had submissions from as far as Wales and Edinburgh! 
November is a poignant time for our Illuminate commemorations as we connect with the American celebration of Thanksgiving, and with the National Day of Mourning observed by Native Americans. This year, commemorations were especially moving as people joined together in spirit, sharing their one small candles as a sign of gratitude, hope and solidarity
We hope to deliver Illuminate next year, with fabulous parades, in person, and round off our commemorations of this historic Mayflower 400 period. 2021 will mark 400 years since that first harvest meal the pilgrims shared in autumn 1621. If you’d like to be kept up to date with all our activities in 2021, sign up for our quarterly newsletter at the bottom of this page. 
With thanks to our funders: Arts Council England; National Lottery Heritage Fund

And partners: Bassetlaw Christian Heritage, Bassetlaw District Council, Boston Borough Council, West Lindsey District Council

And to Chorley Council and every school, group, church and individual who joined in!

You can view all the lanterns shared with our hashtag here. And still find the lantern templates here.