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Who were the Pilgrims? Where did they come from? Where did they go, and why? Four centuries ago, a group of people decided to leave England in search of religious freedom. They sailed first to Holland, and later some of them sailed to America on board the Mayflower. These men, women and children began their lives in the East Midlands of England – coming from rural areas of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire.


Both Brewster and Bradford are among the most well-known Mayflower Pilgrims - Today, there are millions of people around the world who can trace their ancestry back to these two local men.


Only nineteen women sailed on the Mayflower to America. The White sisters were from Sturton-le-Steeple and The Wray sisters were from a wealthy Lincolnshire family.

How many PEOPLE were
on the

According to Edward Winslow in his book, Mourt’s Relations, and William Bradford in his manuscript, Of Plimouth Plantation, there were 102 passengers on the Mayflower voyage in 1620.


A series of quite interesting facts about the the Pilgrims

Sights and Sites along the PILGRIMS TRAIL

If you are interested in the unusual or quirky aspects of history, if your children love a good old story about blood and guts, some of these places on, or just off of the Pilgrims Trail might be of interest to you!

Thanksgiving & the NATIONAL Day of MOURNING

Thanksgiving is not a time of universal celebration. Discover why it is considered a National Day of Mourning for many Native Americans.

The Pilgrims &  CHRISTMAS

How did the Pilgrims feel about Christmas? What was Christmas like for the settlers in 1620 and 1621?