The Box 'Mayflower
400' Podcast Series

The Box Museum at Plymouth UK are producing educational podcasts on ‘the legend and legacy’ which will be suitable for a range of key stages as well as adult and higher education learners. Plymouth is one of the Mayflower 400 compact destinations as the Pilgrims eventually embarked on their historic voyage from there after a brief spell in the city.

Jo Loosemore is the Curator of Mayflower 400: Legend and Legacy, and Dr Kathryn Gray is Associate professor of English at University of Plymouth. 
Listen to this series of podcasts to hear Jo Loosemore and Dr Kathryn Gray looking at the story through objects to reveal untold, forgotten and unusual aspects of the story.

This series of podcasts is useful to teachers and to higher education students who are interested in discovering more about the Mayflower story. The podcasts will enhance their own teaching or learning.