Pilgrim Roots
Cross-curricular Themes 

The Mayflower Pilgrims is a topic with so much breadth! Different elements of the story can connect learning through a variety of subjects. 

It's possible to teach the topic as an intense day or week long festival. This can be delivered for a whole class, year group, or school, focusing learning in all subjects around the central theme.
Beyond Historic knowledge and the ability to interpret evidence, students can bring skills from other subjects to help them investigate the big and the quirky questions in the story.

Why did the Speedwell sink?
Who was statistically most likely to survive to the First Thanksgiving?
What would we put in our School Mayflower Compact?
We'd love to support you in delivering your Mayflower topic in the most engaging way possible. Within the Pilgrim Roots team, we have the expertise to adapt sessions around specific learning objectives and the requirements of different learners.

Please get in touch if we can support with activity ideas, new resources, video link sessions or deliver lessons in person. We're also your go-to to arrange visits to sites associated with the Pilgrims' history and can advise on the practicalities of taking a class out to the various locations that the pilgrims knew.