Link Sessions 

Connect with us for a guided tour of the Pilgrims Gallery and/or live Q&A with a pilgrim character. Whether you’re based in the Pilgrim Roots region or much farther afield, we will be delighted to welcome you virtually to discover more about the area where it all began.
Our sessions can be adapted for all ages and abilities, and we are able to accommodate diverse interests and learning objectives. Do you want to find out more about the Reformation? Are you studying the history of Democracy? Or are your youngsters working towards a history badge?
We’ve provided video link sessions for Key Stages 1&2 in the UK, plus middle schoolers in the US, Scouting association groups, and historical societies. Please get in touch if you’d like to include a bespoke pilgrim session in your curriculum or programming.

Or see our YouTube channel for a recorded tour of the Gallery, or our fantastic video series featuring local sites: Where It All Began.