Pilgrim Trails

From walking tours of a few key sites to a comprehensive trip around the region, there are lots of ways to see the place where the Pilgrim story began. We recommend a stop at the Pilgrims Gallery in Retford as a great starting point before venturing out to see the places the Pilgrims knew.

The Pilgrim Roots region boasts Babworth, where Richard Clyfton preached; Austerfield where William Bradford was baptised; Scrooby, where the Brewsters lived and worshipped;
Retford, where the religious courts were sometimes held; Sturton-le-Steeple, where John Robinson, the pilgrims’ Pastor, was born and later returned to preach; and Gainsborough where John Smyth led a congregation of Separatists.

The trails through the region also incorporate picturesque villages, stunning countryside and charming market towns. There are plenty of opportunities to shop, eat and stay in the towns as well as at the nearby cities of Lincoln, Nottingham and Sheffield.

Take in the Pilgrim Roots region in a day with this tour of North Nottinghamshire & Gainsborough.
Three-four day tour exploring the Pilgrims' journey - from rural England towards a life in the 'New World'.
This three-four day tour hughlights Edward Winslow, the Pilgrim Roots and the Magna Carta.
The Pilgrims Trail
Our trail across the Pilgrim Roots region brings together all the key sites associated with the Separatists' story.
Six day tour including Nottinghamshire, the Pilgrim Roots, Boston, Worcester and London.
The Pilgrim Heartland Trail
A self guided tour of the towns and villages that this area's five leading Mayflower passengers once called home.