Commemorative Trees Planted at Babworth

On the 17th of March 2021, two special trees were planted in the grounds of All Saints’ Church, Babworth.

One of these was the unmatched variety of apple tree, Pilgrim 400, which has been gifted to various locations associated with Mayflower Pilgrim history, including Leiden, Plymouth, and many locations in our region. These special trees were cultivated by horticulturalist John Stirland after being discovered in a Nottinghamshire garden.

A Pilgrim 400 apple is featured in the Pilgrim Woman statues which can be seen in the DANUM Gallery in Doncaster, and at the waterfront in Gainsborough. You can read more about the Pilgrim 400 project, the discovery of the apple, and the fruit the trees produce here:

The second tree commemorating the Mayflower Pilgrims and now growing in the wooded grounds around Babworth Church is an oak. This sapling is part of a 400 Oaks project led by Sherwood Forest Trust, not only commemorating 400 years since the pilgrims sailed and the rich history of Nottinghamshire symbolised by oak trees, but also making a positive impact for the environment.

Most of the 400 oak trees have been planted in the grounds at Hodsock Priory in North Nottinghamshire, in what has been dubbed the ‘pilgrim plantation’.

Both trees are an excellent addition to the attractions of Babworth, which draw many visitors for the beauty of the church and its idyllic setting as well as the rich history of religious non-conformity associated with separatist preacher Richard Clyfton’s time there. You can download the trail map and listen to our podcasts to discover more of Babworth’s place in the pilgrim story.