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Pilgrims Trail Boards Podcasts

The pilgrims trail boards are now available in audio format! Around North Nottinghamshire and Gainsborough, there are 8 pilgrims trail boards that give fantastic information on the story of the pilgrims and where it all began. We were delighted to work with volunteers, which means these podcasts are voiced by local people, perhaps featuring the […]
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Pilgrim Trails newsletter Autumn 2020

Meeting the challenges of 2020 Our autumn edition of the Pilgrim Trails newsletter is available to download, providing information about upcoming events, our online activities and the progress of this Heritage Lottery Funded project! Please note that, unfortunately, the Pilgrims Gallery is closed until at least 2/December/2020 due to national lock down restrictions. Please check […]
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North Notts Lit Fest & Heritage Open Day

Government restrictions in September meant that events could not go ahead in the usual fashion. We supported two local festivals to take their content online, and they rose the challenge wonderfully! The festivals had amazing combined reach, engaging 270,000 individuals from over 40 different countries. You can see a highlight reel of the week’s activities, […]
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Forming a ‘civil body politic’ Once they arrived on the shores of America in mid-November, the Pilgrims faced a hard winter, realised they needed a new legal agreement, and managed to survive thanks to help from the Wampanoag Native Americans who already lived there. The ship stopped just off the coast of modern-day Provincetown in […]
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